Our Catechism program (aka, Confirmation) is designed for 5th - 8th graders and a 'Home Adult' on Wednesday evenings, 6:45pm - 7:45pm. In 2022-23, we are studying the New Testament. 'Home Adults' are simply trusted adults who can assist their student in their study and continue the conversation beyond the classroom. A home adult may be a parent, guardian, aunt, uncle, faith companion, etc.

Our program cycles through a week with large group class, a week with an online homework assignment, and a week gathered in small groups. To download a current brochure with more info, click:


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5TH-8TH Grades and ‘Home’ Adults

Using the curriculum, "Co-Lab-Orate' from wearesparkhouse.org, students and their adult partners will explore Lutheran History and Catechism, Lutheran Theology, Old Testament, and New Testament.

Gatherings will also include opportunities for service projects, field trips, blessing others, and parenting resources for faith-building at home. Students are paired with a faith companion in their 7th grade year in order to broaden their understanding of faith and faith practices.

Faith Companion activities include:

  • Summer -Sharing a meal together
  • Fall--Exploring another faith tradition
  • Winter -Doing a service project together
  • Spring--Attend a meeting together
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