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Work together as a family/household as you read, watch, and discuss.

Read: 2 Timothy 3:14-17 (pg. 1331 in Spark Bible)


  • What inspires you (people, places, events, music, etc.)?

  • What is something you learned when you were younger that is still true? What is something you learned when you were younger that you really isn’t true anymore?

  • What do you think it looks like to be ‘equipped for every good work?’

  • Can you think of a story or passage from the Bible that helps you to be equipped?

Watch: “Tel Aviv’n” by Matisyahu at:

Matisyahu is an Orthodox Jew and reggae/rock/pop musician. Pay attention to the lyrics. What is the context in which he’s asking us to love God with our hearts, souls, and might?

Discuss: Gather around the table with as many of your family/household as possible. The first person will take a piece of paper and write 2-3 sentences to begin a story and then fold the paper so that only the last sentence is visible. Then the next person reads that sentence and write 2-3 more to expand on the story, and then folds the paper to reveal only the last sentence. Then the next person does the same, and on and on until you have decided that the story is complete. Have the student read it aloud. What happens when several people tell a story together.

Homework Questions