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 Read: Mark 8:27-30

Why do you think Jesus asked who the disciples thought Jesus was?  

Who do YOU say that Jesus is? What does that mean?  

Mark’s gospel tells the important story of Jesus with urgency, making it the shortest gospel account we have. Now, it’s your turn.  

Write: (this may take some revisions, so do this in a word document before you copy and paste it in the homework responses)

Write a trailer voiceover for the Gospel of Mark:

  1. Begin with “In a world…”
  2. Use exactly 50 words—no mor, no less.  

Read: John 3:16

This is the most famous passage in the Christian Bible. Martin Luther called this verse a ‘little Bible’ because it seems to encompass the message of the Bible in this one sentence. But it is often used by some Christians to hurt people and can become a passage of exclusion.

How do you think people are misreading or misinterpreting this passage?  

Read John 3:17—Does this verse help broaden your understanding of the previous verse? How or why?  

Watch: John, part 2  

What makes John’s gospel a source of Good News for you?  

What does John tell you about Jesus that you didn’t know before?  

What do you still have questions about?  

Compare: Read the resurrection stories from each gospel (Matthew 28:1-10; Mark 16:1-8; Luke 24:1-12+; John 20:1-23) and answer the following questions on a piece of paper to bring to small groups next week:  

  1. Who went to the tomb?
  2. Whom did they find? What did they (those found at the tomb) say?
  3. How did the women feel?
  4. What did they do?
  5. What was the response of the male disciples to the women’s story?
  6. When did Jesus first appear? To whom? 

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